Professional Training

MPD Officer Tony Caspers using iCOMBAT weapon system 

MPD Officer Tony Caspers using iCOMBAT weapon system 



Law enforcement agencies can now train in schools, banks, sports stadiums, or any other venue where using projectiles of any sort would cause undue danger, mess, or other potential liabilities (thus making it difficult for said venues to agree to offer their facilities for training purposes).

“Simunition” bullets involves ongoing cost and (not to mention clean up), which may put a limitation on the number of rounds allotted for training, which in turn of course may impact quality of training. Similarly, virtual training solutions tend to be difficult to schedule, infrequent, and expensive.




We believe that law enforcement training is one of the most important investments.

Using technology to save lives

Law enforcement officers and federal agencies have been training with iCOMBAT weapon systems with great success. Advanced technologies and strong battlefield realism enable the most effective training possible. iCOMBAT also allows stress-based training with the StressX shocking belt.


Professionals everywhere choose iCOMBAT

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